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Emem Umoh, MS
Emem Umoh

Full-Stack JavaScript Developer
+233 26 181 1505


    	Emem Umoh
    	Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

        • Build:
        - Websites (Responsive/Progressive)
        - Web Apps (Progressive/Responsive)
        - Mobile Apps (Android/IOS/Windows)
        - Desktop Apps (Windows/Mac/Linux)
        • Language: Markdown, HTML, CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript/C#
        • Frontend Web Apps Framework: Vue.js
        • Mobile App Framework: NativeScript/NativeScript-Vue
        • Desktop Apps: Electron/Electron-Vue
        • Libraries: jQuery, Lodash and D3.js
        • internationalization: i18n/Vue-i18n
        • Type Checker: Flow
        • Runtime: Node.js/.NET Core
        • Back-End Web Apps Framework: Express/Express-Vue/ASP.NET Core
        • Full-Stack Web Apps Framework: MEVN/ASP.NET Core MVC
        • Data Interchange Format: JSON/XML
        • Universal SSR, Static Generated and SPA Web Apps Framework: NUXT
        • State Management: Vuex
        • Routing: Vue-router
        • REST API Framework: Express/GraphQL/ASP.NET Core MVC
        • Template engine: Handlebars/Razor Pages
        • Front-End Component Library: Bootstrap/Vuetify
        • JavaScript Test Framework: Mocha/Vue Test Utils/MSTest
        • Task Runner: Gulp/NPM Scripts
        • Package Manager: Npm/Yarn
        • Module Bundler: Webpack/Parcel
        • CSS Preprocessor: Sass/PostCSS
        • Website Framework: VuePress/OrchardCore CMS
        • eCommerce Framework: MEVN eCommerce/GrandNode
        • Database: MongoDB/MS SQL & IndexedDB
        • Code Editor: GitHub Atom/Visual Studio Code
        • IDE: WebStorm/Visual Studio